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Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

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Pool fencing is necessary to create a safe environment for children so they can't get into the area unattended. One kind of barrier to consider is glass. Here are its benefits.


Glass pool fencing is relatively unobtrusive, especially when the panels are secured at the base with spigots. Glass won't create a strong visual divide between the pool area and the rest of the yard, which will thus feel more open and expansive. On the other hand, the railings of an aluminium tubular metal fence will block the view. Being more prominent, they'll divide the yard into two distinct sections, so it will appear smaller.


Glass pool fencing is safe because it uses toughened safety glass, which is stronger than standard float glass in windows. This safety glass undergoes a tempering process that renders it heat resistant as well. So, being under the baking sun won't cause harm to the panels. These fences are unlikely to break. But if they do, they crumble into rounded cubes without dangerous points or edges.

The pool area will be safe, as children can't get a foothold on smooth glass panels. Your contractor will build the barrier to comply with local regulations that specify its structure and how the gate must be fitted. Ensure that you don't set bins or other objects next to the fence that kids can clamber onto to get into the area.

Wind Block

Glass fences block wind, thus extending the months in which you can use the pool. So, in cool but sunny weather, you can enjoy lazing on the pool deck. Other options, like tubular metal fences, let the wind blow through and make swimming uncomfortable in moderate weather.

Glass Options

Though transparent glass opens up a yard and doesn't create a closed-in feeling around a pool, you can choose decorative glass panels that define the pool area more clearly. For example, you might opt for frosted or toned glass in grey, bronze, or blue. You could block the view into the pool area in selected sections. If one part of the pool, for example, faces a driveway, you could install frosted glass to make the pool more private.

You can alternatively go the reverse route by installing low-iron glass fencing. With fewer iron particles, this glass doesn't emit the faint green tinge characteristic of standard transparent glass. Instead, it's ultraclear and will allow a better view into the pool area.