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Reasons to Install Chain Mesh Fencing Around Your Home

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You might have come across chain link fencing when researching options for your front yard and be wondering whether these barriers would benefit you. To discover reasons to choose this fencing style, read on. 

Colour Options 

Chain mesh fencing is well known as a practical material rather than for its attractiveness. However, you don't have to stick with silver mesh — you could install chain wire covered in green, brown or black PVC. The posts and rails can be powder-coated in a matching hue, allowing you to coordinate the fence to your home's facade. Green and brown fences flatter rustic and garden settings, while smooth black PVC smartens the barrier's look. 

Customisation Alternatives

Chain link fences offer various structure options, letting you build a barrier to suit your environment. The diamond shape within the mesh can be smaller or larger. Bigger diamonds produce a looser weave, while smaller diamonds create a firmer fence. Additionally, the webbing can use various wire gauges or thicknesses. Of course, you can build chain wire fences at different heights, from waist high to several metres tall. 

A residential home fence typically won't require as high security as some commercial barriers, and so it won't necessarily need thick wire and small diamonds. Plus, a home front fence won't need to be as tall as the fencing around a chemical plant, for example. Your contractor can advise you on suitable options for your installation. 

Restrains Children and Pets

During installation, fencing contractors unroll and stretch the chain wire to connect it with the periodic posts dug into the ground. They also secure the mesh to a rail along the top and bottom to pull the webbing taut. A major benefit of these fences is that they don't have gaps within the structure, unlike tubular metal fences with spaces between the rails. Thus, you can feel confident allowing children and pets to wander around your property, knowing they are safe and securely contained. If you have a large dog that loves jumping, you could build a taller fence to keep them within the yard. 


You might wonder how these metal barriers fare in elements like rain, hail and sun. Chain wire fences typically use galvanised steel with a protective zinc film that inhibits rust. PVC-coated meshing is more resilient still, as the vinyl provides a further shield. The galvanised posts and rails are also durable. Plus, they can be powder-coated, which adds a tough baked-on paint layer.

Reach out to a local fencing contractor to learn more about chain wire fencing.