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Advantages Of Tubular Metal Fencing

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Tubular fencing helps you to secure and arrange the landscape around your home. With a range of options of styles and colours, this versatile fencing can fit in multiple places — you can install it around a front garden, pool area or terrace. The following is a more detailed explanation of the advantages of these handy barriers. 

Diverse Styles 

Tubular fences consist of vertical rods, thicker posts and horizontal rails. These basic elements can combine in a myriad of ways, allowing you to devise fencing with a heritage, modern or other kinds of look. For instance, the vertical rods can be rectangular, square or round — more often than not, the posts and horizontal railings are square. The tubular metal railings can have a loop top with the rods curving over at the summit to create a looping effect. Alternatively, the rods can feature decorative spearheads at the topmost point. Decorations reminiscent of old-world ironwork include circles set within two horizontal rails or else ornate scrolls. While the styles vary, what these barriers all have in common is their elegance. Additionally, different decorative caps are available to affix to the posts, including standard, ball cap, and more decorative shapes and spires. 

Numerous Colours 

Unlike timber and brick fences, tubular metal designs are available in a full spectrum of tones and shades. Powder coating involves baking on pigments and plastics over the metal — and the range of pigments is vast, as it is with house wall-paint. Select from pinkish or bluish whites, fawn, charcoal, grey, eucalyptus, heritage green, red, shell, beige, deep-blue and other shades. Each colour comes in subtle variations so you can personalise the fencing to flatter your home setting.

Durable and Trouble-Free 

Tubular metal fences provide a long-lasting and durable option that can survive all kinds of weather. Galvanised steel has a zinc coating that resists corrosion, and the powder-coating process leaves a hard coat of polyester and paint that further protects the metal. While aluminium is often powder-coated, this metal naturally withstands rust in any case due to internal elements. Unlike timber, your metal fence can't be damaged by insects. After you've installed the fencing, it will be relatively maintenance-free, except for the occasional pressure wash or hose. 

Thus, tubular metal fencing — available in diverse styles and colours — gives the home an elegant ambience. These metal barriers, durable and resilient, last for many years, and you won't have to waste your weekends on tedious maintenance. Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about tubular fencing.