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All You Need to Know About Automatic Gates

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Automatic gates not only enhance your home's security but also give your home a touch of class. Besides, they ensure convenience. You do not have to hire a guard or walk from your car to open the gate. The gates also enhance privacy since only authorised people can walk into your property. In the article below, you will learn more about automatic gates. 

Choosing an automatic gate

Below are some tips to help you choose an automatic gate: 

Operation: The gate can either slide or swing. The location of the auto gate installation must have adequate space for the chosen action.

Material: Most gates are made from steel, wood, aluminium or wrought iron. Wrought iron is heavier compared to the other materials. As such, the supporting fixtures must be firm.

Gate design: Preferably, the gate's design should blend with your home's architecture and landscape. Hire a designer to help you choose an appropriate gate.

Power: Automatic gates are powered through a solar system, batteries or your home's electricity. Choose more than one option to ensure you have a backup.

After-sales support: Work with a company that offers support services such as installation, repair and maintenance. Besides, ask for a warranty or guarantee. 

Security features

The gate can open through an access panel, or it can be remote-controlled. Most companies will advise you to have both systems. In such a way, you have an alternative if one system fails. Advanced automatic gates have a number plate detection system that opens the gate on identifying a registered car. You should also consider having an intercom, door alarm and a camera at the gate. In such a way, once a visitor is at the gate, he or she will press the doorbell and identify him or herself through the intercom. From inside the house, you can see the person's face.  


Hire a qualified and experienced installer to install the gate. Although there are many DIY guides on the internet, you risk ruining the system if you improperly connect some of the components. If the company supplying the system does not provide an installer, seek recommendations or check the internet for installers with positive reviews.


To keep your gate in tip-top condition, regularly clean it and grease the hinges. Inspect the electrical wiring for frayed wires and damaged earthing. Examine the manual release system, clutches and the performance of the camera and intercom. 

Automatic gates can significantly increase your home's appeal and security. If you would want to install one, observe the recommended choosing tips, ensure adequate security features and hire an expert to fix the gate.