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4 Important Precautions for Installing a Welded Mesh Fence

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If your old residential fence is damaged and worn out, you should consider installing a welded mesh fence. This type of wire fence is an ideal choice because of its resilience and durability. In simple terms, the structure will not burn, sustain pest damage or rot over time. Also, corrosion can be prevented through galvanisation and painting. Additionally, the fencing can be used for keeping wild animals out while protecting domestic pets and young children. Here are some simple precautions to help you get the best results from your welded mesh fence.

1. Determine the Placement

When installing a new fence, you should not simply place it over the area where the last one was built. It is advisable to take the opportunity to conduct a boundary survey of your property. The assessment should help you identify the optimal place for placing the welded mesh. In addition, you can avoid boundary disputes in the future by installing the fencing without encroaching on your neighbour's property.

2. Choose Your Posts

Welded mesh requires proper support from posts in the ground. It is important to identify and acquire the best posts for this purpose to ensure the stability and durability of the structure. The primary options are wood and metal fence posts. The latter material is favourable because of its exceptional strength and capacity. However, the material is harder to work with during installation, and modifying metal posts is difficult. Wooden posts are easy to install, but you must protect the posts from rot and pests.

3. Install Your Posts

You should begin digging post holes once you have decided on your posts. For the best results, it is important to mark the points where you would like to dig the holes first. The positioning will depend on the length of the fence and the number of posts that you intend to place into the ground. Ideally, there should be a post at all corners, and the other posts should be placed at regular intervals for optimal stability of the welded mesh fence. Install your posts into the holes and secure them using quick-setting concrete.

4. Unroll Your Mesh

Once your posts are in place, you can unroll and install your welded mesh fencing. The process should begin at one corner; secure the end of the mesh to the pole. Then, you should unroll the wire fencing to the next post and repeat the attachment process. Remember, the right fasteners are crucial for the durability of the fence. Check the manufacturer's or supplier's recommendations for your specific fencing.