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Three Crucial Tips for Picket Fencing Installation

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Picket fences have a classic appeal which can enhance the appearance of your home. In addition, this type of fencing is useful for keeping your pets safe within your yard and limiting the entry of animals. Therefore, if you are interested in erecting a barrier around your residential lot, you should consider choosing this style over alternatives. In general, installing a picket fence is a relatively simple task. However, there are some issues that you will need to handle to ensure success. Here are some essential guidelines for building a reliable fence.

Check the Local Laws on Fencing

You should check the local rules and regulations on fencing residential properties before proceeding with the installation of the barrier. Poor consideration of legal issues could cause complications with the council and the removal of your new fence. Check if there are required permits for your project and whether you will need your neighbour's consent before proceeding with the construction. You should also consider having your land surveyed. This practice is critical because your boundaries might not be where you imagine. Confirming the exact line for the erection of the picket fencing can prevent complications. 

Determine the Amount of Wood Required

You should determine the number of timber building materials that you will require for your project as early as possible. This process is essential for creating a reliable budget and ordering the needed products on time. Under ideal circumstances, you should use a graph paper to draw an outline of your property boundaries along the path you plan to install the picket fence. Then, you should note down the measurements for your planned fencing. Once you understand the measurements, you can calculate the number of pickets that you will require for the successful completion of your barrier. 

Choose an Appropriate Design

You should choose an overall picket design which matches your building appearance for ideal aesthetics. If you install a fence with a style that contradicts the general architecture of your home, your property will have clashing elements. The effect could make your entire residence will look chaotic and unplanned, and you might not attract buyers if you decide to sell. Therefore, you should make a careful evaluation of your home before making a decision. If you have a traditional house, you can install the standard picket fence. If your home is older and has a Victorian style, you might want an intricate and detailed barrier. For modern architecture, you should consider an equivalent sleek and clean picket fence.