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Fencing: Suitable Solutions for Windy Locations

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When it comes to fence installation, what most homeowners consider is their functionality regarding privacy as well as security. However, not many people will put some thought into how the inclement weather conditions can affect the structural integrity of the fencing. For example, you fencing may be able to withstand exposure to wet conditions, but when you start experiencing gale winds you find that it succumbs to the battering that it receives. To prevent replacing your fencing during this type of weather, it would be best to seek fencing that would be able to withstand high gusts of wind. The following are some of the suitable fencing solutions that you could consider for windy locations.

Opt for concrete fence posts

Typically, the fence posts used will tend to be made from the same materials as the fence panels to create a sense of uniformity. However, if your fencing is made of wood, it will be quite easy for the timber posts to become dislodged or experience misalignment when directly hit by high winds. Instead of the timber posts, you should consider concrete posts. These will provide enhanced stability for your fencing as the panels will remain anchored to the concrete posts. Moreover, concrete posts can also add some visual interest to your fencing as you will be using two different materials.

Go for trellis fencing

Another defence that you can opt for when it comes to ensuring your fence does not acquire damage due to high winds is installing trellis fencing. On the outset, trellis fencing may seem weaker than panelled timber fencing as it comprises spaces in the fencing. Some people do not realise that these spaces function to reduce the stress that the fence is exposed to during high winds. Instead of exerting a significant amount of pressure on the fence, the wind blows through the spaces, which leaves your fencing intact. If you would like your fencing to provide you with privacy, then you could opt to use the trellis fencing as the top part of your fencing.

Opt for wire fencing

One of the more underrated fencing options is wire fencing. Nevertheless, with advancements in technology, wire fencing is no longer bland and unattractive. You can opt to powder coat your wire fencing in a wide assortment of colours to ensure that it adds some aesthetic value to your property. Additionally, the spaces between the wire fencing lend it a rigid design that will not acquire any damage when installing in areas that are exposed to high winds.