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The Best Ways to Hide Your Robust Chain Link Fence

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Many good things set chain link fences apart from their peers. First, they are made from a variety of materials that guarantee both strength and durability for the period that the fence will be in place. The most popular materials are galvanised steel and reinforced aluminium. Both of them stand up very well to corrosion and brute force of intruders. Regardless of the material used, however, chain link fences have trademark diamond-shaped openings throughout their cross section. This design does a good job at restricting the movement of both people and even small pets like puppies. However, some people don't see any aesthetic appeal in the diamond-shaped artistry. If you happen to be one of them, here are some ways you can disguise your chain link fence while still enjoying its great benefits:   

Go Biological

Going biological is one of the eco-friendly methods of disguising your chain link fence. After setting up the fence, look for plants you can grow along the fence top provide cover over the metal surface. The best plants for this job belong to a family referred to as climbers, and they include plants such as ivy, passionflowers, sweet peas, bougainvillea, rambling roses and pole beans. Essentially, all these plants have flexible stems that allow them to twine over the chain link fence as they grow. Some even have thorns, which is an added security feature for your fence. If you decide to go biological with the disguise, make sure that you have time to do some trimming of the climbers. It will make your fence more beautiful.

Camouflage the Metal Surface

The shiny, silvery finish on the materials used to make the fence can be seen from a long way off. You can hide the fence by camouflaging it. Paint it a colour that will make the fence to sink into the overall surrounding. For example, if there are short trees of bushes around the fence, go for jungle green paint on the fence. You get to enjoy all the top benefits of the chain link fence without it being too imposing or noticeable around your home.

Go for Veneers and Fence Slats

You also buy wooden veneers to provide cover over the chain link fence. Rolled wood veneers are available in stores that sell fencing stuff. Lastly, you can also use fence slats to cover the sections of the fence that you would like to disguise.

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