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What You Need To Ask Yourself before Embarking On That Fencing Project

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Putting up a fence around your home or property is a task that should not be taken lightly. It will directly affect the safety of your family and your property, as well as the value of your home, should you eventually decide to sell. So before approaching a fencing contractor, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

What is the fence for?

Determining the purpose of the fence will guide you in choosing the right kind of fence for your home. Whether your fence is meant to keep the neighbour's pets and children out or your own in will determine the material, height and type of fence you need. Further, if your fence is for your front yard, there may be different specifications for it when compared with a back yard fence.

How much are you willing to spend?

This has to do with both the cost of installation and the cost of maintaining the fence. For instance, wooden fences may require the most maintenance due to staining and painting needed every few years, but they are more easily repaired should they be damaged.

On the other hand, vinyl or aluminium fences may need little maintenance, but in case of repairs, you may find that the particular manufacturer closed shop or no longer sells what you have. This may require you to replace the entire fence when you only needed a few repairs.

Setting a budget will certainly help you know which kind of fence will be best suited for your home and your pocket book.

Can you do it yourself?

You need to be honest about your skill set and how much help you can get to do this fencing project. Granted, you will save a lot of money by installing the fence yourself. However, you may not have the time or enough free manpower (i.e. friends and relatives) to get the job done in good time.

In addition, you simply may not have the right skills or ability for the kind of fence you want to put up, requiring you to hire a fencing contractor with these skills. Be sure to make an honest assessment of all these factors before starting your fencing project.

What does POAA have to say?

The Property Owners Association of Australia in your state may have some rules and regulations about putting up fences. They could have rules about what kinds of fences you can put up, their materials, height and location on your property. In case your neighbourhood is governed by POAA, you should check what the regulations are before making a final decision on your fence.