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5 Reasons To Go For A Sliding Automatic Gate

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If you're planning on getting an automatic gate, your fencing contractor can install a swinging or sliding gate for you. Both of these models will offer your home improved security, convenience, and aesthetics. However, between the two models, a sliding gate has some advantages that you may not find in a swinging gate. Read on to see what they are.

A rigid design that promises better security

Unlike swinging gates, a sliding gate is made of one rigid frame. This tends to make the gate look firmer and more secure, serving as a deterrent to criminals. Intrinsically, a sliding gate indeed offers better security due to a number of reasons. One, a sliding gate has no weak points; it has one solid frame. Two, a sliding gate is supported on both ends, thus making it more resilient against impacts. Three, sliding gates feature an extra part of the structure tucked away behind the walling; this part helps to reinforce the gate further.

Better space economy

Sliding gates open by moving parallel to the fence. Unlike swinging gates, therefore, they do not take up much of your yard. This is a vital advantage for applications where every inch of space counts. With a sliding gate, you can enjoy a larger lawn or more space for parking vehicles.

Unique function that makes your home stand out more

An automatic gate is a unique feature by itself. That aside, sliding gates are not as common as swinging gates. This makes sliding automatic gates even more unique. If you have a sliding gate installed, it will make your property stand out even more. A sliding gate is therefore ideal for those with selective tastes who would like to make a statement with their gates.

Better safety and reliability on slopes

Where gates have to be installed on a sloping ground, swinging gates often experience a shortcoming. Due to their mode of operation, gravity will either make them harder to close or harder to open. This can sometimes make the gate operation risky or encourage higher power consumption. However, sliding gates are not affected by this. By opening in line with the direction of the fence, sliding gates will operate with ease even on steep entrances. In such applications, their use is safer, and power consumption is not affected.

Multiple installation options available

Last but not least, you have the choice to install a sliding gate in one of two ways: on a track or without a track. Tracked sliding gates feature mounted wheels and follow a grooved track installed below the gate line. Trackless sliding gates open using a cantilever system. The choice between the two will depend on your preferences as well as the weight and length of the gate.

Think a sliding automatic gate is right for you? Talk to a fencing contractor and get started. Remember, automatic gates can be customised in many ways using different building materials and designs.