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3 Ideas for Use Your Pool Fencing as Storage

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The primary function of pool fencing is to create safety and prevent unsupervised children from reaching the pool area. However, these fences can be multifunctional. If you have limited space in your yard, they can even be turned into storage. Here are a few ideas:

1. Hooks and Baskets

If you have a wooden privacy fence around your pool, consider adding hooks to it to use as storage. Hooks on your fence can be used to hold anything from extra swimming suits to inflatable tubes to nets for cleaning. If you want to hold smaller items like water toys or goggles, hang a sand bucket from your fence's hooks.

This storage idea doesn't have to be restricted to wooden pool fencing. If you have metal or vinyl pool fencing, you can often drill holes through those materials to connect hooks, or you can even have those fences designed with hooks built right in.

2. Extra Storage Area

If you don't want all of your stored pool accessories to be visible to everyone, consider buying extra pool fencing and making a storage area. Take advantage of an existing corner of your pool fencing to create two of the walls of your storage space. Then, add extra fencing to create a small square or rectangular storage space and leave a gap to enter.

This space can be used to hold your pool vacuum or other large items, or it can even be used as a changing room. Ideally, this idea works the best with wood fences, but if you have a chain link or metal fence, this idea may work if you cover up each section of the fence with a canvas or wood privacy panel.

3. Gardening Space

In many cases, pools take up so much room that you may not have room for a garden. However, you can convert your pool fencing into a vertical garden.

You can plant climbing plants right next to the fence and train them to grow along the fence so they don't cover your ground. Alternatively, you could add a trellis to your fence for vines or climbing plants, or you can add shelves to a wood fence to hold potted plants.

For more creative ideas on how to use your pool fencing to increase your outdoor storage, talk with pool fencing contractors such as Standrite Australia Pty Ltd. They may have ideas on how to pick out fencing that is storage friendly or how to modify your existing fence.