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Four Fencing Options That Can Add Kerb Appeal To Your Home

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When you think of renovating and remodeling a home, you likely are focusing on the interior. The problem is that many people focus only on the interior. The exterior of the home needs to offer some type of appeal as well, above just having a new paint job. An aspect of this exterior remodel that you should consider is the fencing. Here are four fencing options that can add kerb appeal to your home.

Tubular Fencing

Tubular fencing offers several benefits for you and your landscape. It is a low maintenance option if you choose the right finish. For example, a powder-coated finish with weather sealing can create a hard coating that withstands wind, rain, and other weather conditions. This type of fencing is also sturdy. If you want a fencing solution that will last and not show breakdown and aging over time, then this may be the ideal solution. A key benefit with this type of fencing are the design and size options. This allows you to match the fencing to your home and create the ideal look.

Wrought Iron and Ornamental Fencing

If you have a vintage home, then a wrought iron or ornamental fencing option may be ideal. A wrought iron fence offers a classic and upscale appearance to your home landscape. You can also choose a traditional black or a green option to add even more appeal. Remember, if you have a lot of flowering or green climbing plants in your landscape, a green wrought iron fence can bring that colouring out and add another level of landscape appeal.

Natural Fencing

If you have a log style home or other natural wood exterior, one option may be natural fencing. Natural fencing options are created from mesh core that are woven with branches, vines, and plant roots to create a secure fence line. You can also use flowering shrubs planted closely together to give you the natural fencing option and look you need. These are ideal for someone wanting a green home option.

Timber Wood Fencing

The key point to remember about timber wood fencing is that you can use new timber or reclaimed timber. There are several benefits to reclaimed timber, including stability, durability, and appearance. The look of a timber wood fence gives a natural yet professional look, especially if you want to keep a traditional appearance to your landscape. Remember, you will need to treat the wood and maintain it to prevent weather damage and wood rot.

These are just a few of the fencing options that can add kerb appeal to your home. If you have questions or want to see design options, contact a local fencing contractor like Adelaide Fence Centre.