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How To Maintain Your Glass Pool Fencing

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Apart from providing great aesthetics for your pool and outdoor area, glass pool fencing is also attractive for its low-maintenance needs. Unlike wood that may be affected by moisture or metal that could rust over time, glass does not change over the years. However, you still have to do a few things to ensure your glass pool fencing remains spotless.

Location and setting

On a day-to- day basis, your glass fence needs to be protected from anything that could hit the glass and cause damage. Although most of the glass installed in pools is hardened and cannot break easily, it's still important to ensure you avoid scenarios where your glass could get damaged. This means ensuring that the kid's play area is not next to the glass fence. If you have a tree near your pool, ensure that there aren't any branches that could fall off and land on your glass fence.


Cleaning your glass pool fence is easy; all you need is a sponge or squeegee. You can then clean your glass fence with a little water to get rid of any dust that may have attached to it. As you clean your glass, ensure that dirty water doesn't run off into the pool.

Also, you could spray glass cleaning products (same as those used in windows) and wipe with a clean cloth. You can do so on a weekly basis depending on the condition of your glass. If you use water to clean your glass fence, watch out for water marks.

To compliment your home cleaning, you can also hire window cleaners several times a year. With their professional products, they could give your glass fence a shine that will last longer. They can also treat your glass fence with polishing products that will reduce the need to clean your windows on a regular basis.

Repairs & replacement

If for any reason your glass fence gets damaged, seek a repair service immediately. For small damages such as small cracks or chips, a technician can get your pool fence repaired without having to replace the entire glass frame. This is done through application of a resin material that binds the affected areas and stops the damage from spreading. If the damage is extensive, the repair technician may cut out the affected are or replace the entire frame. The other kind of damage you also need to look out for is loose attachments between the steel base and the glass frame. That can easily be repaired by tightening the attachment or changing the loose fittings.

With these few maintenance points, your glass pool fence will remain in good condition while requiring very little input from you. For more information, contact a business such as Mermaid Fencing.